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About me


I am a solicitor specialising in all employment law issues, which can arise from the start of employment to the end of the employment relationship.

I represent both employees and employers which is important for me as it allows me to see things from both sides of the fence.

For my employee clients, I am often involved in advising on their employment contracts, restrictive covenants, unfair dismissals, whistleblowing and discrimination at work on various grounds including sex, pregnancy/maternity, disability, age, race and sexual orientation. I am committed to fighting my client’s corner when things go wrong at work.

For my employer clients, I provide on the ground support to HR teams dealing with day to day employment issues and help to manage these issues before they become problematic. During my career, I spent some time based in house working for a film company and this gave me a real insight to the work of HR teams and the challenges they face.

My work covers a range of sectors including media, financial services, insurance, legal and universities.

I am passionate about employment law and committed to achieving the best outcomes for all of my clients.